Hello readers I’m Mavs.


I’m in my mid twenties, the third of three female siblings and the tallest of them all. I was raised as a God-fearing person and with respect to every living creation. I’m a nurse by profession but a wanderer at heart.

Growing in a small city in the Philippines with an own history to tell and a neighborhood that’s full of incitement, first set me off my being a wanderlust. I grew up having an exciting and thrilling childhood full of adventures and I plan to continue living in it. I intend to discover every place starting in my country.

 The desert of the middle east.

The desert of the middle east.

I loved taking pictures and photos. I believe that every unforgettable and wonderful moments should be captured and preserved through photographs. I have been a collector of photos since I was a child and a camera never left my side.


Somewhere in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Follow me on my adventures and start our journey to the world together.

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