DIY Hobbiton Tour

New Zealand is the main shooting destination of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit. Here are some tips and information on how to get to the famous shire.

VIA BUS: Naked Bus is one of the main buses that cater off city departures click here.

Address Auckland Central: 172 Quay Street, Opposite Ferry Building 50 meters west of Britomart Station, Just Beside Nando’s.

Book your ticket: There are promos where in you can get a cheap ticket for only from 1-10 dollars if you are lucky. Book from: Eg. Auckland, Wellington etc. Book to: Matamata

Estimated Travel Hours:

From Auckland to Matamata: 3 hours, 40 minutes

Details: Stop over at Hamilton and change to shuttle bus.                    

 From Wellington to Matamata: 13 hours, 20 minutes                    

Details: Change bus at Palms North wait 85 minutes, Rest stop at Whanganui 5 mins, Rest stop at           New Plymouth 35 mins, change bus at Hamilton Central 20 mins wait. Note: All Bus stops to any destination stops on the ISite.

Isite Matamata is a small town where the hobbiton movie set is situated. Bus stops at Matamata ISite where you can book your Hobbiton Tours which costs:


Hobbit Holes

Adult: 75 NZD      Youth (10-14 yrs): 37.50 NZD     Child (5-9 yrs): 10 NZD   Infant (0-4yrs): O NZD   SONY DSC Naked Bus has a promo discount if you book online the Hobbiton Tours which is only 70 NZD.  Schedules are daily from 9:30 am-3:30 pm. SONY DSC   The ISite is where the official Bus tour fetch you at the scheduled time you were scheduled. SONY DSC   Going There: The tour starts at the Isite Matamata going to The Shires Rest. If you are hungry, don’t worry the Shires Rest is a Cafe and shop where you can buy gifts and souvenirs. SONY DSC   The bus will then pass through a 1,250 acre of sheep farm. Here you can see a lot of sheep and fantastic view of the farmland. SONY DSC Here are some of the pictures I took when we had our Hobbiton tour.

SONY DSC Each group has its own tour guide. The guide will give you details and information regarding the set.


the guy in the red polo shirt is our tour guide


The Shire facing the hobbit holes


The Shire overlooking the lake and the Green Dragon Inn

Here are some of the pictures of the famous Bilbo’s humble abode.


The Bench where Bilbo sits



The Last Pitstop after departing the hobbit holes is the Green Dragon Inn where you can avail your free drink.


The Green Dragon at the back

The tour is approximately 3 hours in length including transportation. The Bus will send you back to the Shires rest and back to Matamata ISite.


5 responses to “DIY Hobbiton Tour

  1. Hi there,
    I stumbled upon your site while searching the net for diy hobbiton tour. Just want to ask if (1) the naked bus from Auckland will stop at Matamata I-site, (2) is it more recommended to not buy a return ticket online and just buy the ticket after the tour? Can we buy a return ticket to Auckland from Matamata at Matamata ISite and lastly, (3) would you know how far is quay street from remuera? Appreciate any feedback and thanks for sharing about your diy hobbiton tour!!

    • Hi CS,
      It’s best to buy a return ticket from naked bus because the booking fee is only paid once. You can always adjust the date and time booked if there are unexpected plans but for additional costs. The bus from Auckland stops near the mata mata isite it’s just a few meters walk. Naked bus ticket can only be bought online I think. If you’re commuting from remuera to quay it’s only 20-30 minutes ride max. But if you have you’re own ride it’s probably 10-15 mins max.

  2. Hey there!

    How long is the tour around Hobbiton village? 70NZD means whole day tour or 2hours then you have to immediately leave the place when the time is up?


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