Student Visa Application in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the countries where there is a lot of international students. Cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are the popular destinations where international students are abundant.

If you are planning to use an agency for application here are the processes:

For post-graduate diplomas

1. Assessment

Payment costs: 15,000-20,000 pesos


a. College Diploma

b. Transcript of Records

c. Passport

d. Birth Certificate

e. Curriculum Vitae

f. Previous Work Certificate

g. Professional License

h. NBI Certificate of Police clearance

i. Bank Certificate of (800,000.00 <)

j. Sponsor: Letter, Monthly salary, taxes, BIR, Certificate of employment

k. Application paper student visa:

l. TB Clearance or X-Ray

m. Passport Size pictures

n. IELTS results 6 above band score

0. Financial Undertaking form:

The Student Visa Application Fee: payment to PIASI: manager’s cheque :9,450.00 pesos

The Agency will be the one to look for a school that suits for you depending on the course you want to take.  After paying the assessment costs the Agency will write to the school and ask for a letter of offer.

Letter of Offer: It’s a letter from the school that is addressed to you accepting your application. The letter also includes the tuition fee costs, freebies like laptop, insurance and date of intake.

2. Lodging of Papers to the Embassy

Payment to the Agency: 15,000-20,000

a. This is time where the tuition fee for the school is paid.

Note: When paying bank to bank pay extra than the required exchange rate if you don’t want to have a balance in tuition fee when arriving in New Zealand.

Waiting time is 15-30 days

Visa Officer Interview is within this time period.  The Agency will help you or will give you tips on how to answer the questions or what are the frequently asks questions. Some students are not interviewed at this phase.

If the immigration is in doubt regarding your allowance or the budget that will be used upon studying in New Zealand, the immigration will require you to have an FTS.

FTS stands for Funds Transfer Scheme: This is also an option to prove the student’s financial stability. This requires transferring an amount of money, usually 15,000.00 NZD to a New Zealand bank as an allowance for the student when studying on the certain time period.

3. Visa approved
Note: If your visa is not approved you could relaunched it but with another or new payment to the immigration.
Payment to the Agency: 20,000.00-30,000.00



6 responses to “Student Visa Application in New Zealand

    • Hi there, I wouldn’t recommend the agency that I used because they left out a lot of important details that would help me here in NZ. I would just give you an advice because there are a lot of agencies in the Phil that only gives promises. Choose wisely, or rather apply your student visa on your own, if only I would have known all these steps, I would have done it on my own. At Least you can save money.For additional questions don’t hesitate ta ask.


  1. Hi! I’m also a Nurse here in the Philippines and I am planning to apply for a student-work visa in NZ.
    Are you still studying? I’m gathering information and advice as to what school and location would be best to enroll in for my do-it-yourself application, instead of going to an agency. I’m planning to take up Diploma in Applied Management (Health) level 7. Hoping to hear from you.

    • Hi Bogs, Thank You for reading my blog. If I were you just apply straight for CAP because it’s a waste
      Of money and time studying a 1 yr course if there is a straight way that can lead you to be a nurse here. There are a lot of nurses I know here who applied for CAP and not go through the one year course like I did. If only I knew about that I would have done straight CAP. Im just saying the thruth. I took thesame course Management in Health Services but it’s difficult to find job for that, now Im on the process of applying for the nursing council and Im on my open search visa.

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