Travel Backpacking Tips For Beginners (Pinoys)

For my fellow adventurous people out there and are planning to travel but does not have any clue how to start. Here are some tips I recommend. Hope I can help you out.

1. It is better to book a flight months before the scheduled date.

  • Note that there are times when the airlines are having promos or discount flights, best time to book your flight.
  •  Credit Cards are useful in booking flights online.
  • For pinoys, always buy a return ticket especially if you don’t have a working visa or you are not a resident to that certain country you are planning to visit. Most airlines require the passenger to have a return ticket. Without a return ticket, the immigration will cancel your flight or detain you from leaving the country.

2.  Choosing a country of destination.

  • Research its visa requirements.
  • Consider the country’s weather so that you will know what to expect. e.g. clothes to bring
  • Budget: Research about the country’s currency exchange rate.
  • Language: English is spoken almost everywhere especially for places that there are famous for  tourists.
  • (Optional) Buy a guidebook for that country you are planning to visit. The guidebook consists of the country’s popular festivals, tourists spots, good inns and restaurants.
  • Suggestion: Lonely Planet guidebooks
  • Local Customs: Learn how not to offend someone accidentally. Cultures and customs are different in each country.
  • Book Your First Night: You will probably be exhausted after the flight, and having a room provides a good peace of mind. Only book one or two nights, then shop around in the morning for something better/cheaper.

3. Things to prepare:

  • Passport: Make sure that your passport is not expired.
  • Address list and list of important contacts or numbers.
  • Tickets (airline, train, bus, accommodation booking etc.)
  • Visa
  • ATM cards and Credit cards for emergency
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • First Aid Kit: Alcohol, Paracetamol, Anti-Diarrhoea tablets, Band-Aids, Motion Sickness tablets, Insects and Mosquito repellant, Antacids.
  • Packing List

4.  Know your Itinerary

  • Consider, how long is your travel? When do you travel? Are you traveling alone or with someone?  What places you want to visit? How much is your budget? To keep in touch with how much you spent on traveling I use an application to my android phone EasyMoney. It helped me a lot, you can download on google play applications.
  • Maps are available on the airport upon arrival. They are free or you can use your GPS on your phone.

5. Tips on the Airport

  • Better to be on the airport 2-3 hours prior to check in. Some airlines have schedule changes without informing your contact number. It is better to be early than late.
  • For tourist visas, added payments like travel tax are required. Adults: 1,620 php and a terminal fee of 450 php per adult for foreign country flights.
  • Always travel light. Most Airlines in Asia only accept a maximum of  7 kg hand carry, more than that they will need additional charges and it is really expensive. Baggage weight in the airport are really strict so stick to the required kilo to avoid paying extra fees.
  • If you are planning to carry a check in baggage, there are options on the online booking whether it is 10 kg, 15kg or 20kg. An additional payment is charge. It is better to pay on your booking online than in the airport because it is far more cheaper.
  • Put or store your money on different places not on the same wallet. This is for security purposes. If ever you lost your wallet there is an emergency money stored somewhere aside from you wallet.
  • How to pack light: Here are some tips OneBag.
  • For Carry on baggage:

6.  Arrival in the Country of destination.

  • Buy a local Sim card for you. This serves as your emergency contact throughout the trip on that certain country. Even though you activated the roaming services of the sim card that you used from your country of origin, It is far more practical to use the sim card that you just bought on the country that you just arrived in because calls and texts are cheaper.
  • Wear Modest clothes: Culture and Customs are different everywhere so it is safe and respectful if you wear appropriate clothing. E.g. Women in particular should avoid miniskirts, tank tops, bra tops and short-sleeved shirts. Revealing dresses and cleavage-bearing necklines are also huge no-nos. Men should avoid shorts and sleeveless tops in many Middle Eastern countries or when entering a church or other holy place. As a general rule, travelers should cover their shoulders and knees when entering any church or holy site to avoid unwanted stares or being denied entry.
  • Learn about the country’s culture and customs. At least you have a clue what to do or not to and avoid any accidental offends. Custom Guides For Foreign Countries
  •  Hostels or guesthouse is practical when you are budgeting.

For Any Questions and suggestions feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!


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